Saturday, August 15, 2009


 Interesting if we talk about shopping habits. I've just read something about that. My postie will show of the fact. I hopefully it will to useful to me and everyone.  We are not strange when the woman known as the habit of impulsive shopper, in which she will not buy because of the need, but desire. This is done without planning. Impulsive shopper  usually lack self-control in view goods good, and the lack of clear priorities in the shop. Most of them have the syndrome "I want the goods now".

Identify the signs and symptoms of impulsive shopper:

1. Shopping wreak as depression, or chagrin.
2. Have personal and family problems due to excessive way to shop.
3. Often contend with other people because shopping habits.
4. Does not feel complete if have not take credit cards.
5. Buy goods on credit if they are not able to buy in cash.
6. Aware that the money be perceived as an act of careless and prohibited.
7. Feeling guilty, ashamed, or confused after shopping.
8. Lie to the others, especially partners, about what is purchased and how much money is spent.
9. Often look for a fast way between savings and charges to meet the desire to shop.
10. Do not feel powerless to overcome the encouragement to shop.

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