Wednesday, September 2, 2009


shopping tips,tipr berbelanja,secure shoppingIn previous posts, regarding the signs of impulsive shopper, I've promised to continue posting that's. This time it will continue with our efforts to reduce or control the impulsive shopper.

1. If you want to hang out to relax, try not to go to the mall or shopping center. Go to a quiet area, such as beaches, parks estate or sports activities: jogging while listening to music.
2. Bring spending money according to your needs and goods. Leave your credit card or your ATM debit card at home.
3. Bring a friend who can warn you when are going to the mall / shopping center.
4. When you are stressed or want to find an outlet, do not go to the mall. Go to another place more pleasant, such as spa, fitness center, swimming pool.

Do you have another opinion that could provide insight into better? Please, share and it will be useful for all people. Thanks


Jules said...

Very well said. And thanks for sharing. Have a good day. =D

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lina@happy family said...

Make a list and straight to the list!

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