Friday, September 18, 2009


LinkFromBlog a new advertiser broker in the world of PTR (Paid To Review). Now I will provide information about how to get a task / job at LinkFromBlog.
Let's get started:

1. Click on the SIGN UP FREE writing.
linkfromblog,get paid,get dollar2. Fill out the form provided. Then click register. You will get a confirmation to activate your account via the email listed.

3. Click on the link provided confirmation. They can open new tab in your browser.

4. Fill out the form provided, including your paypal account. Note: make a short answer that is easy to remember the list of questions. Compulsory remember, because if anything happens with your account of this, it will be necessary answers.

5. Then go into your account. Well here is the feature: MY BLOGS. Click the link to add yours blog. You can add as many blogs that you have.

linkfromblog,get paid
6. Done already. Wait for the approval process from admin LinkFromBlog.

7. After a blog you've approved (via e-mail notification of your property), then the next task is to hunt offered. After login to your account, click on the feature: OFFERS. Then you will see Search Campaigns.
linkfromblog,cara bermain di linkfromblog,get money
8. See the picture above, check the little box at the bottom just so you can see all the existing advertiser offers. Then click SEARCH get paid from linkfromblog,tutor linkfromblog

9. Then you will see a list of advertiser bidding. Yessss ... please click the link advertiser you what you want.

10. It will show what the advertiser wants and the price offered, according to the type of the selected posts. And the whole blog that you register. There are three choices postings: Post, Short Review and Details Review.
get paid,cara bermain di linkfromblog
11. After that click on the link SEND BID.

12. Wait approved advertiser via email or you can check your account via direct. Sometimes the advertiser only approve your account via your account in LinkFromBlog.

13. Once there is approved from the advertiser. Make a post review in accordance with a request from the advertiser. After that return to login to your account. Click the TASK link it will show a link advertiser sites.
linkfromblog,get paid,get money
14. Click the link to the advertiser site. Box will appear to enter the URL link that has your postings made. Click the link COMPLETE.

15. Done. If you post the advertiser is approved there will be notification via email.

Happy hunting dollars yaaa...


ayomaos said...

whether blogspot acceptable and whether to have a high PR?

harry seenthing said...

wow is nice post you have, i think that place to make money with another brocker review

Pondokku said...

wah baru lagi ini ya

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