Saturday, June 12, 2010


Internet Giant, Google has decided to no longer use the Microsoft Windows operating system at its headquarters. According to a report published by Financial Times, Google prohibits the use of Windows on its internal network to anticipate security problems after suffering a massive conceded late last year.

Mentioned, Google is asking employees to no longer ordering new computer with Windows operating systems. Instead, they are only allowed to use Linux or Mac operating systems. Previously, Google frees employees to select the desired operating system.

A number of Google employees can still use a Windows computer, but it must be by special permit. For example, on computers that are used to test services, released Google, where its engineers still must be tested directly in a variety of platforms.

End of this year, chances are Google only allows a single operating system for its employees, namely Chrome OS. Google CEO Eric Schmidt had revealed the plan during a seminar on cloud computing last month. Web browser-based operating system developed by Google is claimed to be far more secure than operating systems that exist today.

Google claimed to have coordinated attacks late last year and a number of actors with intellectual property theft security system through its network. Google has accused the attack as a protest from China and eventually closed his office in the land of the Bamboo Curtain.


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