Monday, June 1, 2009


Many myths about food that can enhance sexual passions, including chocolate. The study results show that some vitamins and minerals found in certain foods can boost hormone levels, increase nerve sensitivity, and the sex can be enjoyed.

If an when you feel so enthusiastic with my husband, just blame your food before consumption. Judy Dutton's magazine Redbook describes the benefits of various foods to increase following your passion sex:

1. Strawberry.
2. Egg.
3. Steak.
4. Onion.
5. Chocolate.
6. Orange.
7. Walnut Peanut
8. Ginger.
9. Honey.
10. Oatmeal.

Happy enjoy to get more passion with new naturally life style...!

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ammadis said...

Hmmm nice postie...

Passion...?? Ugh...

Thanks for your share!

g said...

LOL!Is that so???

I`ve seen your comment btw and here`s a reply...

I`m not always online..actually,I`m maintaining lots of blogs(this one is new and not yet exposed),and sometimes,I cant manage to update all of my blogs anymore during my busy times.


I have deactivated the “captcha” if that annoyed you.(word verifications protect blogs,I`m sure lots of bloggers use them,and if you dont want to be a nice commentor,you are free not to type anything at all!

are you bored ?? said...

wah bos nih alexa blognya kok cepet banget jd 2juta . . gmn tuh caranya ?? punya aku yg aja masih 7 jutaan tuh . . .

ship dah . . keep posting

About Samarinda said...

Are that really to increase of sex passion...???

Good info for readers...

jaypee | said...

sure! i'd love to xchange links with you..
i will add u up now..
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suzhu said...

hmm..nice info, i think i am just known that walnut peanut, orange and onion increase the passion. keep blogging bro

chauno said...

silahkan pasang link saya..
nanti saya link balik.


awi said...

thanks utk infonya
tp utk single spt ku
sepertinya belum bermanfaat ya
mngkn utk yg sdh merried cukup membantu

Lyla said...

thanks ya infonya... thanks for share

masDan said...

Hmm .. Bisa siap siap ntar kalo mau Nikah ..

i s said...

@ ammadis : Thanks welcome to U for Ur comment..

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odeth said...

kayaknya ada yang belum masuk list deh. kerang!

blogging profit said...

Thanks for the information..
Informative and useful for me..
I like to eat egg, chocolate, honey and
I like to drink orange

adeska said...

Nice info. i'll keep it in my daily life. thanks.

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